unable to connect to Asana API using php-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

I am trying to fetch projects, tasks from asana using PHP, but I am getting an error while trying to connect, getting response code 0. Is there any other way to connect to asana from PHP? I am using a php-asana class from asana’s official Github,


Here is my code where I am trying to connect and fetch projects:


// See class comments and Asana API for full info
$asana = new Asana(array('personalAccessToken' => 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx')); // Create a personal access token in Asana or use OAuth


// As Asana API documentation says, when response is successful, we receive a 200 in response so...
if ($asana->hasError()) {
    echo 'Error while trying to connect to Asana, response code: ' . $asana->responseCode;

// $asana->getData() contains an object in json with all projects
foreach ($asana->getData() as $project) {
    echo 'Project ID: ' . $project->id . ' is ' . $project->name . '<br>' . PHP_EOL;
How to solve:

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