Unable to install "Android SDK Platform Tools" from SDK Manager-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

Below error displays during installation:

Done loading packages.
Preparing to install archives
Downloading Android SDK Platform-tools, revision 26.0.2
Download interrupted: Connection to https://dl.google.com refused
Done. Nothing was installed.
Preparing to install archives
Downloading Android SDK Platform-tools, revision 26.0.2
Download finished with wrong checksum. Expected 98832431e339c82be1fe910a733a3782071200fd, got aa3ef6f18eff4b8f12dbdf980647a6ce6c2ebe8c.
Done. Nothing was installed.
How to solve:

I had to install it by myself.

  1. Download link:
  2. Select the zip file SDK Platform-Tools for Windows and extract it.
  3. Move it into your android directory, in my case it was: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\CatalogRepository\AndroidSDK-2433_19.0.27659.1188.
  4. Now you have the new directory: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\19.0\CatalogRepository\AndroidSDK-2433_19.0.27659.1188\platform-tools.
  5. Run SDK Manager.exe again.

In my case, the error was gone. I had to install 4 packages first and then I had to install 3 packages after that. Now it run perfect.


You can just extract the archive the SDK Manager already downloaded:

  1. Go to your android-sdk directory
  2. Enter the ‘temp’ folder
  3. Extract the ‘platform-tools_r26.0.2-windows.zip’ to the android-sdk root directory

But this makes the checksum pointless, it might be better to wait until it is fixed unless you need the new version now.


I resolved this by first removing the Android SDK Platform-tools using the Android SDK Manager. Then I used the direct download link provided by Umair Malhi above (https://dl.google.com/android/repository/platform-tools_r26.0.2-windows.zip) then extracted the platform-tools folder into the SDK folder (which in my case is C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\AndroidSDK\25). If you rerun Android SDK Manager, the issue is resolved.


I had the same issue, after running Visual Studio as an Administrator then the updates went through successfully.

EDIT: Newer versions of VS now prompts you to run VS in Administrator mode when you click on Android SDK Platform Tools.


I had the same checksum issue, until I just updated to Android Studio 3.0. Now the Android SDK Platform-tools 26.0.2 downloads and installs as expected. Not sure if the issue still exists for Android Studio 2.x or it was fixed separately, but it’s worth trying again now.


I have the same problem, in my case I hadn’t write rules to platform-tools folder. So I gave me write rules with the command:

sudo chmod -R ugo+rw

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