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I’m an android developer.

Since the first day into the android studio, I started complaining about my abilities in graphic design for activities UI and now I’m looking for a guide or a tutorial that could help me with this. Kind of newbie help.

I already made my best out of the simple drawable, but I want to do more, I need some way to make vectors, to understand how to make (i.e.) new button styles. Just a few minutes ago I gave up on trying to make a simple shape that would have been placed as part of the background.

I tried finding something with google obviously but using words like “design” “android studio” “vector” and others always makes show up irrelevant results.

I have no problem looking for Java problems, but with a graphic, I’m complete newbie, and I’m frustrated even more because I can’t find a way out of this ignorance.

** Thank you all** for your help!

How to solve:

You could try using Adobe XD for the fact that it is fairly easy and pretty straightforward to use and has some very helpful plugins that automate your task. I have zero knowledge of how to make vector or use those path and all things, but XD has some great tools which help me make any sort of background vector/shape or a custom shape for a particular preferences and it provides you with the means to export the designed graphics at the various dpi level that android needs, thus cutting down the problem of responsiveness and having to recreate the designs at different dpi levels or you could just export them as svg’s and just forget about it.


A great and free alternative would be FIGMA, not only it gives you all these but also the code to implement these yourself, it provides code for CSS, iOS and ANDROID.
Figma can be used on their site or you could download the desktop version.


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