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Is it possible to write a Vala application and get it to run on an Android device?

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With the new NDK, you can write UI applications in C/C++ as well. As long as you have a C ABI, you can call anything from Vala you want, provided you have a .vapi file for it. The main obstacle is the lack of glib and gobject, but those can probably be compiled. After all, there’s a Linux and a libc present.

Update: Bero Rosenkränzer did a nice presentation on the Android Builder Summit that shows the currently available ways to program Android without Java.


Yes vala is already compiled for android. But cant use with GTK.


Not for android as long as there is no gtk backend, but for Maemo and most likly it’s successor MeeGo as it uses gtk and there is a vala packet in the developer repositpory.
(as a matter of fact i already successfully compiled my own vala programm on my N900 phone with a dveloper chroot)


Technically, yes, except that there currently is no Vala to Android translator.

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