video – android unable to use hdmi in creative tab and need to be notified in all(maximum) devices as soon as hdmi is plugged-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

may be possible duplicate of hdmi support in android.

I am working on XYZ video encrypted app.But need to manage hdmi also to overcome the encrypted video pitfall.

As per my search I found that these are not in official docs and are provided by specific vendors Api as that of Motorola.

I have explored much and found that these are vendor specific , there is no unique api or documentation to serve the needs of all the devices.

My device is:

Creative ziio 7 OS :2.2.1 build number:v2.00.13-FROYO.

But please suggest and answer the following via the google white papers or your personal experience:

  • If a certain android device has hdmi hardware support, then how can we detect it programmatically.

  • If the hardware is supported in device. Then if the connection is made to hdmi my app need to be notified about that.
    (like using a recevier etc).

  • I am also unable to connect the hdmi in Creative ziio 7 with hdmi
    cable (AWM 1.3 cable) to my hp notebook pro laptop

I have noticed about that certain vendors provide hdmi api like MOTOROLA

Also we can detect the USB Plug Status in all devices by using

 <action android:name="android.intent.action.ums_connected" />

So is there any way for hdmi also. But need to have a general concept to do the same for all devices.

How to solve:

Although there does not appear to be an official standardized way of doing without using vendor specific APIs, on later versions of Android 3.0+, it seems like the Android source code references a broadcast action intent that most vendors seem to be implementing. This intent is “android.intent.action.HDMI_PLUGGED”. If you’re targeting these later OS versions, this seems to be pretty reliable from my experience in detecting when HDMI is connected.


As far as I know, there is no HDMI support inherently in the platform. Each hardware vendor hacks up their own implementation via the hardware composer hardware abstraction layer. Meaning, there isn’t a way for you to programmatically interact with anything HDMI related with the standard Android SDK.

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