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I’ve been using the new VS emulator for Android for a few days now, and while it works brilliantly otherwise, it randomly stops receiving keyboard events. It does change the keyboard language when I press CTRL + Space, but it won’t receive any characters when I try to type text.

So far, the only solution I’ve found is to swap between the virtual keyboard and the physical keyboard for multiple times before the physical keyboard starts working again.

Is this just a bug in the emulator, or am I doing something that causes the physical keyboard to not function correctly? I didn’t see any settings in the emulator for input.

How to solve:

The bug also occurs when you hit Win + R. My thesis is, that you switch focus in the emulator.

To get it to work again, simply mouse click a editbox or anything that gives your app focus again and hit win. Windows now opens start menu. Click in the emulator, and you can type again.

I submitted the bug to MS.

Another possibility is that the emulator thinks the Alt key is pressed, hit Alt to release it.


I restarted the emulator and it started working ok.


Also if keyboard is disabled we can enable the keyboard in the emulator by:

press the PAGE UP key or press the PAUSE/BREAK key.

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