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Here are a couple of other ways to ask this question:
What is Android’s equivalent to Apple’s vpp (volume purchase program)?
What is Google Play’s equivalent to Apple’s vpp (volume purchase program)?

Right now I am distributing apps using Apple’s b2b program that allows me to restrict who can download an app. I give the user a unique URL, from that URL they are able to download one copy of my app.

I would like to do the same thing using Google Play.

I want to distribute using Google Play rather than downloading off my site because I do not want to have the user be bothered with changing their setup to allow downloading from unknown sources.

Google has something called “Private Channel” http://support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=2494992 . From reading the documentation it seems that this program is targeted for companies that are in control of their user’s email addresses.

I need to handout download codes to users with existing accounts that I do not control.

How to solve:

I needed to revisit this issue for a new app: I talked to Google: it does not violate their rules to use the Beta program for doing this. That is: I can either list all of the email addresses that will access the app in the beta program, create a link that if someone has that link they can download the app, or create a google group that anyone in that group can access the app.

For my use case I am going to use the google group so that someone else can manage the members of the group.


Since Android doesn’t have Apple like restrictions, can’t you just publish the branded app in the Android market place along with your app?


You can deploy the android app to enterprise using Google’s play private channel

The step by step guides and more details on deploying private android apps are here


Did you use the b2b channel for your needs? I have the same question. The Private Channel looks designed for in-house distribution rather than b2b.

For b2b is there anything stopping a developer selling the apk to an organisation and missing out Google Play all together?

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