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What protocol does an Android TV Remote use? Seems like Anymote is no longer used. But there are still applications like Android TV Remote Control and Remote Android TV which work quite well with even the newer Android TV’s. Can someone please point out any official / unofficial documentation to write such apps?

An Android TV is capable of being controlled over either Bluetooth or over WiFi. It would be great if either one of this follows an open protocol that can be incorporated in to say a Python or Android program.

Few Clarifications based on the various comments and replies:

  • Anymote is most certainly not the protocol in use any more (unless it’s hidden and can still be used somehow in an undocumented fashio)

  • The ports that Android TV remote uses currently (6466/6467) is different from the Anymote standard ports (9552)

  • The old open source GoogleTV remote application no longer works with AndroidTV

  • I still do see “_androidtvremote._tcp” being advertised through mDNS – so there is a way to control it over TCP.

How to solve:

The Google TV Remote application uses Google’s Anymote Protocol, which any application can use to create second screen style applications. There are several pieces to the Anymote Protocol.


I know that you indicate that Anymote is not used in GoogleTV, but from a quick download of its source code, it appears that Anymote is used.


The only other “sender” I can see in the protocols is a “DummySender” (noop) and a QueuingSender (delays until a Sender is ready).

The source code for GoogleTV is here. If there is any other protocol available, it will be referenced in this source code.

I would double-check other items to ensure that a pairing issue, the wrong device discover, or another thing isn’t blocking your progress with Anymote.

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