XAMPP PHP date function time is different from local machine time-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

My computer local time is 12-03-2013 4:30pm.

My XAMPP date function prints the time as 12-03-2013 10:49:56.

How can I set the XAMPP server time to display the system time?

How to solve:

Go to C:\xampp\php\php.ini, or your custom path where php.ini is, open it.

Look for the following: date.timezone = "Europe/Warsaw". Probably You have different value than my Europe/Warsaw. So search just string: date.timezone.

Change value Europe/Warsaw to the proper value, for example date.timezone = "Asia/Kolkata"

If someone’s looking for his location, check valid values http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php

Don’t forget to restart your XAMPP.


For others who are confused on what timezone (date.timezone) they should use (just like me a while ago), please refer to this manual from PHP


Hope this helps.


At your XAMPP you can change the php.ini and search


and change it to your prefer timezone

date.timezone = Asia/Jakarta

That’s for XAMPP. And if you can’t change the web server time at your remote server, try put this date_default_timezone_set() function at your php. Like this :

<?php date_default_timezone_set('Asia/Jakarta'); ?>


You have to define the timezone accordingly


More read here

But I would suggest use mysql now() or curdate() to take the server time.

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