xml – Escape multiple “%” characters in Android-ThrowExceptions

Exception or error:

In <string-array name=”versions”> I have this beast of an entry (boiled down to a reasonable minimum to reproduce the effect):

<item>100% foo 40%bar</item>

which produces these errors:

Multiple annotations found at this line:
- error: Multiple substitutions specified in non-positional format; did you mean to add the formatted="false" attribute?
- error: Found tag </item> where </string-array> is expected

Adding formatted=”false” doesn’t change a thing.

<item>100% foo 40%bar</item>

results in the same error messages. WTH?

<item>100% foo 40bar</item>
<item>100 foo 40%bar</item>
<item>100% foo 40%</item>

would all work fine.
Escaping it with \% is just ignored resulting in the same error. %% doesn’t result in an error but I get %%.

How to solve:

Encoding each as a unicode character in the xml works for me:

<string name="test">100\u0025 foo 40\u0025bar</string>


The % is a reserved character in XML like <, >, etc.
Use %% for each % you are using in the string resource.


Using CDATA may work..

<item><![CDATA[100% foo 40%]]></item>

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